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SALE: Hollywood Auction 33
EBAY LIVE#: 330287953423
ESTIMATE: $800 - $1200
PRICE: unknown
Star Trek: The Original Series original shooting script with vintage signatures of the cast signed while on set.
(NBC-TV, 1966-69) The script, for the episode "The Last Gunfight" (a.k.a. "Spectre of the Gun"), belonged to Star Trek casting director Joe D'Agosta who gave the script to his relative who was visiting the Paramount lot in May, 1968 where she met the cast of Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Mannix. Signed on the script cover in ink by the following cast members: "Who is Joe D'Agosta William Shatner"; "To a Fellow Massachusettson Peace! Leonard Nimoy"; "Best – DeForest Kelley"; "My best wishes Lois James Doohan"; "To Lois any cousin of Barbara's etc. –Nice meeting you Walter Koenig" and "Best wishes Lois – Sincerely – Bill Zuckert" (who played character "Johnny Behan" in the episode). This is the first script we have handled from Star Trek: The Original Series signed by the cast at the time of filming.