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EBAY#: 140131863290 START: 2007-06-22 18:34:00 (week 28)
END: 2007-06-29 18:34:00
BIDS: 22PRICE: $561.51assumedsuccess
This electronic crew quarters desk was featured in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and has taken on different colors including gray. It is currently orange and is in the style used by “Tuvok” (Tim Russ). Made of wood, the desk has removable sections on the surface to reveal different sized compartments. One compartment has three small lights installed that are powered by a standard U.S. 120Volts Type-A two pronged plug. Another compartment has various components including two flashing red LED lights that are powered by a single 9Volt battery and controlled by a small switch. Measures approx. 56 x 38 x 31 inches.

Notes from gvsualan

2008-09-21 21:54:05 UTC

Similar repainted desk later appeared as the desk in Shran's ready room on board the ''Kumari'' in "Proving Ground".

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