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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Rocks and Shoals”; wherein a “Captain Sisko” and his crew crash their Jem’Hadar fighter on a deserted planet that an actual Jem’Hadar contingency have already crashed with a Vorta and only one vial of ketracel white left. This costume is the “First Contact-style” Starfleet uniform, called this because it was first used in the feature film of the same name and went on to be the standard; this particular costume is a variant on that theme and consists of a long-sleeved, black, uniform jacket featuring blue-gray, quilted shoulders, a Velcro patch for a commbadge (not included), no Operations Gold division colors around the cuffs like usual but with a more sturdy zip that the norm. The Operations Gold, long-sleeved, undershirt is open down the front on account of the desert-like conditions, is sewn onto a sleeveless, under-tunic that that matches the quilted shoulders of the uniform jacket; is itself sewn onto black, uniform trousers with hoops for tools and stirrups for the feet. This costume is the stunt version of the one worn by Sarah MacDonnell in the role of “Lt. Lisa Neely” but was worn by stunt-woman “Dyann Lynn” as reflected by the sewn in tag on the undershirt/jumpsuit.